I am a passionate communicator that loves to teach all ages using engaging methods and relevant topics.  I have been speaking to different groups for over a decade.  Whether it is for a church worship service, a community organization, a special event, or a business staff team, I love speaking to all types of audiences.  I would be honored and excited to speak at your event or lead a training seminar for your team.  Please message me through the contact page for more information, and I will get back to you very soon.



I am a husband to my smart and beautiful wife, Mackenzie, and we have been married for over eleven years.  Soon after I graduated from the University of Michigan, we were married and moved to Turkey.  After working there for a short time, we returned to Michigan to start our family.  Our daughter Kaley (9) was born soon after our return.  The following year our son Aiden (8) was born.  The years since then have been fast-paced and busy!  Most recently, I worked at Mt Pleasant Community Church for six years and my wife taught elementary education.  During those years, we both continued to pursue more education as we are both very passionate about being lifelong learners.  This has led to her being nearly finished with her doctorate in special education and administration, and I am nearing the end of my Master of Divinity degree from Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI.  Amidst our careers and education, we are enjoying this fun season with our kids who are now fully immersed in the sports scene.  When we are not busy, we love to do anything outdoors like hiking, fishing, sports, or just riding our bikes together.